Gutters Repairs

Gutter repairs prevents leaks and costly damage to your property during our wet Perth weather.

Gutters when maintained can prolong the life of your gutter system resulting in minor repairs instead of a full gutter replacement.


Gutter Repairs

Gutter repairs and maintenance to gutters, fascia and downpipes, if your Perth property needs repairs or you have a leaking gutter system its time to get some maintenance work to prevent costly replacement costs.
A lack of gutter repairs can cause a leaking gutter to start off as a small problem, but it can quickly turn into a major disaster.
What started off as a few drops staining the eave sheet ceiling – can end up in your ceiling caving in causing thousands of dollars in roof repairs!
This means that, the moment you notice a few drops it’s a good time to call the experts in. Call Westcoat® Perth`s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists and organise ya roof repair quote today!

Downpipe Replacement

Down pipes are an important part on any gutter system, down pipes are proned to rust and require to be replaced more often than people think.

Down pipes are the crucial component that allows water to exist from your gutters which stops them overflowing, you may consider additional down pipes if you need a gutter repair to help with any overflowing issues you may have.

Down pipes come in rectangle or round profiles, available in a range of different colours and sizes.

gutter repairs - downpipes Westcoat

Fascia Replacement

Fascia is located directly under the gutter providing support for the guttering and has a hidden plate that prevents rusted out gutters damaging the eave sheeting.

Fascia replacement is replaced before the guttering is installed, if you need gutter repairs and you have rusty fascia you may enquire into having them replaced at the same time.

Fascia replacement will give you a strong new look when getting your gutters replaced and is not much more expensive than hiring a professional painter to paint them.

Gutter Repairs - Westcoat Fascia

Gutter Replacement

Westcoat® installs Colorbond gutter that comes in a range of profiles in the full range of Colorbond colours, we can match your existing gutters or you can change the profile and colours to compliment your homes appearance.

Gutter replacement is usually required to 30 year old homes were the guttering system has failed to age, lack of maintenance or over looked repairs.

Westcoat® do all sorts of gutter repairs from patch work to re-sealing the gutter joins and general maintenance.

Gutter repairs - Westcoat Gutter replacement


Pergola repairs are required as your pergola ages, timber beams rot and metal posts rust.

Westcoat® can lift your existing pergolas appearance, we can change all or some of the timber beams or metal posts, paint, replace the roof sheeting with Colorbond roof sheeting or Polycarb sheets, install box gutters or replace the guttering system to your pergola.

Pergola repairs are alot cheaper than pergola replacement so why not give Westcoat® a call and see what we can do for your Pergola.

Roof repairs - Westcoat pergola repairs

Stop The Winter Rains Damaging Your Home

Gutter repairs with prolong the life of your gutter system. Westcoat® can repair your gutters, we can stop your leaks or even replace your complete guttering system.  All our repairs and maintenance are carried out above industry standards and are back up by our companies written warranty, guaranteeing our workmanship whilst honouring any defaults from a persistent gutter leak you may have.