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Clay/Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Westcoat® Perth’s roof restoration specialists

Westcoat® is proud to be Perth’s leading accredited clay and terracotta tile roof restoration specialist for more than 25 years.

Our Clay and Terracotta Tiled roof restoration services come with a 10-year warranty. We restore residential, strata complexes and large commercial sites.

Clay and Terracotta Tile Roof Restorations

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Over time clay and terracotta roof tiles attract moss and can become quite soft. Naturally moist, they retain more moisture than concrete tiles as the moss builds up. We can repair and restore your roof tiles, so they look as good as new. To ensure your tiles last for decades, Westcoat offers a complete range of roof repairs and maintenance solutions, including roof leak inspection, gutter cleaning and tile repairs.

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Andrew Mckay, Jandakot

Leaking roofs

A roof leak is one of the most common side effects of damaged roof tiles. Bad weather can break tiles, and when heavy rain hits, water will find a way to sneak inside the ceiling.

Signs of a leaking roof include damp spots or mould on the ceiling, dark moisture rings and sagging and drooping ceilings. Also, look out for any signs of moisture on your walls. And if you do suspect any leaks, Westcoat provides fast and reliable roof tile repairs to prevent further damage to your property.

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Broken or cracked tiles

When the weather worsens, roof tiles can be caught in wind gusts and ripped from the roof. Tree branches can fall onto houses, while debris can be flung around. Once cracks and other damage appears, it’s best to organise an inspection and repairs asap.

Damaged flashing

Just like tiles, your flashing is susceptible to the damage from harsh weather conditions. Flashing directs water away from vents, chimneys or skylights, providing a watertight seal. When flashing is damaged, water will leak into your roof.

Aged bedding/mortar

Bedding is what holds ridge caps in place. Ridge capping seals the joint between two sides of a pitched roof, which means the bedding/mortar is crucial to a safe and secure roof. Over time the mortar will naturally dry up and crack, and ridge caps will loosen. Like your roof tiles, they are a huge safety risk if they fall off the roof. Repairing aged capping mortar ensures your roof is safe and keeps water out.
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Why clean your terracotta or clay tile roof?

Before we commence high-pressure cleaning of your roof tiles, we inspect your roof before and during the cleaning process. Any mould, mildew or lichens are cleaned that can build up over time and damage your roof’s structural integrity. They can cause issues with discolouration as well as with waterlines.
A clean, rich and bright roof can give your home an instant facelift. Built-up debris can cause discolouration and make your roof look tired and unkempt. Roof pressure cleaning instantly makes your home look brighter and cleaner, and this can help a great deal if you plan to sell.
Mould and algae infestations can spread from your roof into your home’s interior if you don’t take care of them. Since we inspect your entire roof when performing roof washing services, we can help prevent costly repairs.

Can you paint a clay or terracotta tile roof?

In short, no. Painting terracotta is possible, but it’s not recommended. This is because terracotta roof tiles are glazed with a special paint coating after they are made in the factory. This ceramic glaze is applied in a similar manner to paint. Once applied to the porous terracotta clay, the piece is fired and baked at extremely high heat in a specialised kiln.

After removing the terracotta tile from the kiln, it hardens, creating a smooth, robust, and nonporous surface. This is a necessary step for roof tiles – because if the terracotta clay is left untreated, it will be highly porous and susceptible to damage from moisture and rain, as well as algae, moss, and other microorganisms. It’s not possible for roof paint to properly adhere to the terracotta. The paint will bond to the glaze, and it will begin to flake off very quickly.

The team at Westcoat can restore your terracotta roof to its former glory and improve the curb appeal of your home without repainting.

First, we start with removing moss, lichen and algae, followed by a high-powered pressure wash to remove years of scum, grime, and dirt, restoring the original appearance of the tiles.

Next, we can re-bed and repoint ridge cap tiles and inspect your roof to check for any other damaged tiles and replace them, if necessary. Followed by a check of the valleys and other areas of your roof that have flashing, ensuring it’s in good condition. If not, we can replace the flashing to ensure a leak-free roof.

“Our roof restoration work was just as good as he promised it would be” Andrew Mckay, Jandakot