Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Restoration, coatings & painting  are warranted for 10-Years or we Paint it Free.
Westcoat® only Use Quality roof membranes from Dulux of all our restorations.

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roof restoration, coatings & painting will transform your old tired and dull looking roof making it look new.

Metal – Colorbond Roof Coatings, Restoration & Painting Services can lift the appearance of your tired and dull looking roof at a faction of the cost of a complete Metal – Colorbond Roof Replacement.

Metal roof restoration are available in a range of Colorbond colours that will enhance your home with a brand new look.

So call Westcoat® today for a free inspection and the right advise and we will provide you with a detailed quote on your Metal Roof Restoration, Coatings & Painting of your existing Colorbond roof.


Metal – Colorbond roofs require repairs over a period of time, usually the roof screws require replacing and in the more extreme cases some of the metal – Colorbond roof sheets may need to be replaced. Westcoat® team of roof plumbers are experienced in all aspects of metal roof repairs and coatings that will have your home water tight in no time.

Metal Roof Repairs - Westcoat


Metal – Colorbond roof cleaning will lift your homes appearance immediately, by removing the build up dirt and grime on your Metal – Colorbond roof will make a big difference to your homes street appearance with a simple pressure clean of your metal roof. Call Westcoat® today for free advise and what options are available to lift your homes street appeal.

Metal Roof Cleaning - Westcoat


Metal – Colorbond roofs become faded and dull over time and require the roof to be painted. Metal – Colorbond roof coatings will enhance your homes look and protect and seal the metal roof from corrosion, our metal roof coatings are a thick acrylic roof membrane that wont peel or blister standing up to Perth`s harsh weather conditions for years to come.

Metal Roof Painting - Westcoat

Restore That Fade Colorbond Roof Today

Metal roof restoration, roof coatings and painting are completed by uniformed qualified trades professional applicators that will leave your home completely water tight and protected form Perths harsh weather conditions. 

Westcoat® specialise in single and two storey homes providing our services to residential, strata and commercial properties of all sizes and are available to all the local suburbs throughout Perth Western Australia.

Call the professionals at Westcoat® Perth’s Roof & Gutter Restoration Specialists today for more information on your Metal – Colorbond  roof coatings requirements.