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Metal Roof Coatings

If you need Metal Roof Coatings, you need experts in the trade

If you need Metal Roof Coatings, you need experts in the trade
If your building requires metal roof restoration, coating or painting, you can be rest assured that Westcoat® uses only the best quality roof membranes from Dulux, plus all our work comes with a 10-year warranty.

And if there are any issues with the paint within the warranty period, we’ll repaint it for free. It’s the Westcoat® way.

Metal Roof Coatings

When it’s time for Metal Roof Coatings, make it Westcoat®

Metal roof coatings applied to your existing Colorbond® roof will transform your old tired metal roof, making it look just like new.

Westcoat® offers only the highest quality Colorbond® roof coatings and painting services to compliment your metal roof.

A Colorbond® metal roof painting can improve the appearance of your property at a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement.

Choose Westcoat® for honest expert advice and access to the full range of Colorbond® roof colours, which will enhance the appearance of your roof with our range of restoration, coatings and painting services.

“Thanks Westcoat for helping us out with your great gutter work!”
 Chris Tabb, Willetton

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Colorbond® roofs require repairs over time, generally because the roof screws need replacing, or in more extreme cases, the metal roof sheets rust and may have to be replaced.

Westcoat® provide a full range of metal roof repairs, restoration, coatings and painting services to complete your job.

Metal Roof Repairs - Westcoat

Metal Roof Cleaning

When you get your metal or Colorbond® roof cleaned, you’ll kick yourself for not getting it done sooner because a roof clean will instantly lift the look of your property with all the built-up dirt and grime gone.

A simple roof pressure wash can usually be completed in a day by one of our roof cleaning specialists. If your Colorbond® roof looks tired, dirty or dull, then it’s time to give Westcoat® a call to find out how to help you bring your roof back to life.

Organic growth such as mould can erode your metal Colorbond roof’s protective paint, exposing the bare roof sheets to harsh sunlight and weather, ultimately causing rust and decreasing its lifespan. An annual checkup and clean by an experienced roofing company will help keep your roof looking its best and stop rust and mould from growing on your roof and in your gutters.

Metal Roof Cleaning - Westcoat

Metal Roof Coatings

Colorbond® metal roofs can fade and dull over time impacting the overall presentation of your home. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint can make your roof look as good as new.

Using Dulux roof membranes, a roof coating is a great way to restore your home’s visual appeal. Rejuvenate and refresh appearance of your home. 

Westcoat® offer a full range of roof coatings and painting services to complete your projects, such as gutter, gable, and eave sheet painting, by our team of talented painters.

The Dulux Acratex exclusive membrane formula with Advanced Polymer Cross-Linking Technology provides you with the assurance of great-looking results with a durable, long life coating.

We’re proud to provide a 10-year warranty on our painting services to give you peace of mind and superior results. To get the most out of your roof restoration, we recommend regular high-pressure cleaning to help remove materials that cling to your roof and ensure your roof continues to stay in top condition.

So if your Colorbond® metal roof is fading and in need of some TLC, you know who to call!

Metal Roof Painting - Westcoat

Restore the fade on your Colorbond® roof, with Westcoat®

Westcoat® staff are proud, uniformed, fully insured trade professionals at the top of their game, with true expertise in metal roof coatings and painting. Wherever you are in Perth and whatever property you have, Westcoat® has the full range of colours with a promise of honest advice, transparent quotes and a rock-solid guarantee on quality. 

So if your Colorbond® metal roof is fading and in need of a roof coatings , you know who to call.

“Our roof restoration work was just as good as he promised it would be” Andrew Mckay, Jandakot