Our Quality Gutter Guard Is The Best Gutter Guard On The Market
Made Of Durable Aluminium Mesh And Colorbond Fittings
20-year Warranty

Gutter Guard That Keeps Your Gutters Flowing

Are your gutters constantly getting blocked or over flowing?

Our Gutter Guard and Gutter Protection products ensure your gutters are kept free from leaves and other debris which can obstruct not only water and rain draining from your roof, it can also assist in fire protection and prevent pests accessing your roof cavity as gutters are often used as a pathway for rodents and other animals to enter your home. No more costly gutter cleans meaning less damage to your roof by reducing foot traffic caused during the gutter cleaning process.


Our gutter guards prevent collection of debris from roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes by creating a “ski-slope” so that leaves and rubbish don’t grip to surfaces but simply slide offWestcoat® gutter guard is made of finely woven aluminium mesh, meaning that even the smallest materials (or larger pests) can’t penetrate the barriers, keeping your gutter system clean and clear (perfect for rainwater collection) to tackle Perth’s harsh winter storms.



The ski-slope design ensures leaves and debris are blown off the roof whilst water is drawn through the gutter guard.



Gutters are kept from getting blocked, which prevents flooding of eaves causing ceiling damage.



Extra protection is provided from hail and flooding rains during Perth`s heavy winter storms.



Our mesh gutter guard fits all gutter profiles and can be adapted for all roof types.



It is custom made with a choice of mesh and trim colours to suit your gutter and roof. Choice of over 30 colours.



Westcoat® gutter guard comes with a 10-year written warranty on aluminium and Colorbond gutter trim materials.

Gutter Guard That Keeps Your Gutters Flowing

Westcoat® aluminium gutter guard is a non combustible mesh that minimises your gutter maintenance providing long term superior protection for your property. Our gutter guard mesh fits all gutter types and can be adapted to easily fit all roof types for residential, commercial and strata properties with its colour range that complement your existing roof and gutter colours. All fittings are supplied by Bluescope Steel in COLORBOND® 22 colours that blend into your property whilst ensuring your gutter system can perform to handle Perth`s harsh weather conditions throughout winter. 

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