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Gutter Profiles

Westcoat® Gutters come in a range of Colorbond® Gutter Profiles.

Longline Gutter

Longline gutters profile is a very popular choice for Perth homeowners. With its stylish profile the longline gutter will suit all concrete, clay and metal roofing types, adding true style to the look of your home.

Ovolo Gutter

Ovolo gutter profile suits all roofing types and are very stylish with their curved frontage, appealing to many home renovators who want to compliment the property’s existing colours and features.

Fascia Gutter

Fascia gutter profile is commonly used on pergolas, patios and sheds, because they are a great way to finish off. The fascia gutter is nice and broad to handle heavy rain, with easy access for cleaning

Quarter Round Gutter

Quarter round gutter profile are a larger design, made in a thicker steel. They’re wide and can handle large volumes of water, plus they are very stylish with a curved frontage and finish.

Half Round Gutter

Half round gutter profile looks amazing on exposed timber beams, with a large curved design to handle those heavy rains and make cleaning easy. Half round gutters are thicker, designed to perform.

Quad Gutter

Quad gutter profile is a thick and durable, designed to stand up against Perth`s harsh winter weather. Quad gutters are stylish and finish off nicely, giving your roof that quality sheen for years to come.

Slotted Gutter

Slotted gutter profiles help the gutter system during heavy rains, with slots on the front face and below the back wall, which prevents flooding of your eave sheets. Slotted gutters are only available in longline, ovolo, settlers and fascia / patio gutter profiles.

Rectangle Down Pipes

Rectangular down pipes are the most popular down pipes used on our gutter replacements. They are made in a range of sizes to suit all gutter profiles to ensure your gutter system is build to work during those heavy rains.

Round Down Pipes

Round downpipes are a classy down pipe that complements your gutter replacement. These down pipes can be offset from the wall were required or installed against the wall, they are mainly used on contemporary style homes.

Rebate Fascia

Fascias are often overlooked during gutter replacements, which is a shame because a new fascia creates a great new look and does not cost much more than a professional paint job. Fascias can not be replaced after a gutter replacement, it’s important to consider this when you decided to install or replace your gutters.

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