Theres more to a roof restoration than just a quick clean and paint, your roof needs to be repaired properly by professional tradesmen before the roof is painted.

We get called out for roof restorations due to many factors some of them are;

While these are all great reasons to get a roof restoration, when you are suffering with a leaking roof sometimes there can be underlying factors that can result in a more cost effective repair, a simple roof inspection will identify the issues that are required to be repaired while accessing the need for a roof restoration is considered.

Leaves, Rotted or Leaking Gutters

Blocked gutters when there is heavy rain can cause an effect that seems like your roof is leaking, it blocks the water flowing resulting in the water back washing into the eaves causing damage to your eave sheeting and in the worst case causes electrical shortages as the water seeps into the wall cavity. Block gutters cause huge amounts of water that back washes into your eaves and is the reason we are called out to hundreds of Perth properties for roof leaks each year..

This will cause water to come into your home at a rapid rate.

Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles can be hard to spot, again in heavy rain this can cause damaging roof leaks to the internal roof space causing unsightly stains or damage slowly over a period of time,

If your noticing unsightly brown patchs or black spotting, this could be the cause.

Rusted Valleys

Rusty valley irons are the cause of many roof leaks to Perth property owners each winter. Valleys need to be replaced roughly every 20-25 years as they become rusty developing pin holes that cause leaks to your home.

Its amazing how many properties we go to that have had their roof restored by other contractors who simply have painted over the rust valley irons that results in a leak call out we service due to the fact the home owner could not get the original contractor out to service the issue.

If your roof needs restoration spend the extra money on valley replacement if its required before you consider the roof restoration.

Ridge Cap Repairs

Ridge caps are a very important part of any roof restoration. the ridge caps when broken and cracked will cause you roof leaks. If you are wanting a roof restoration you definitely want to make sure the ridge caps are being repaired as this will affect your roof restoration warranty, if you only get another 3-5 years out of the ridge caps current condition when painting the roof you cant expect a 10 year warrant on a roof restoration.Always read the fine print as no company would provide you a 10 year warranty on just the paint work if the roof repairs aren`t done.

Roof Restoration Quotes

If you are considering a roof restoration quote, alway get a written quote, do not pay anymore than 10% deposit and if its to cheap its to good.

A professional roofing company will provide you with a detailed written quote confirming the payment methods based on the best way to restore your roof.

Westcoat prides itself on being a professional roofing company that is straight down the line when it comes to providing you a quote to restore your roof, after all we are a company that stands behind our products, service and staff when it comes to providing a service that we warrant.

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